Uber or Taxi? Who will you be?

An article by Mary Anne Brelinsky, President, EDF Energy Services
The Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation has just released a book focused on the key trends driving change in the electric power industry.
Mary Anne Brelinsky, President, EDF Energy Services (a subsidiary of EDF Trading) contributed to the book with an article looking at how technology has changed from having to untangle the long curly phone cord attached to the wall to wondering what Alexander Graham Ball would do if he was handed a cell phone today. 
Technology advancement is happening at an ever increasing pace and speed is becoming more and more important to energy consumers. “At EDF Energy Services we are taking ‘big data’ and turning it into information that our customers can use to make energy consumption decisions in real time”, said Mary Anne Brelinsky.  “We have developed an iPhone app which allows customers to monitor their power stations from their phone; it displays current wind speeds and weather near their facilities and allows retail customers to see their power and gas consumption alongside the appropriate real time energy prices”, she said.
See attached for Mary Anne’s full article. 
Mary Anne was recently awarded one of Houston Business Journal’s first-ever Women in Energy Leadership honorees and was named WEN Woman of the Month.  Here are links to these two awards for further information.
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About Mary Anne Brelinsky
Mary Anne Brelinsky is President, EDF Energy Services, the North American retail and asset management business within the EDF Trading group. She joined EDF Trading in 2006 as the Vice President responsible for the Texas power business. In 2010 Mary Anne was promoted to Head of North American Power Origination. In December of 2012, Mary Anne’s responsibilities were expanded to include EDF’s retail activities for gas and power in North America. She assumed her current role in October 2013.  She is a Board Member of the Gulf Coast Power Association and served six terms as Chairman of the ERCOT Demand Side Working Group. Mary Anne has an engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from the University of Houston CL.
About EDF Energy Services
EDF Energy Services delivers customized single and multi-product energy solutions for large commercial and industrial, power generation and retail energy providers. By doing so it helps its customers optimize their energy assets, manage risks, establish sustainable income streams and develop added value services to compete more effectively in the marketplace.
About EDF Trading
EDF Trading is a leader in the international wholesale energy markets. It manages a portfolio of assets which give it the ability to source, supply, transport, store, blend and convert physical commodities around the world.  These capabilities enable EDF Trading to deliver essential asset optimisation services, risk management and wholesale market access to the EDF Group and its third party customers, helping them to realise the value inherent in their asset portfolios.
EDF Trading is active in the electricity, natural gas, LNG, LPG, coal and freight and environmental products markets.  It is one of the largest wholesale market traders in Europe for power and gas, one of the main providers of energy management services for power generation companies in the US and a leading marketer of gas in North America.  It is also a leading US energy retailer for large commercial and industrial customers.
EDF Trading is a 100% owned subsidiary of EDF, the world’s biggest electricity generator and official partner of a low-carbon world.
EDF Trading has around 950 employees with offices in the UK, Europe, Singapore, China, the United States and Canada.