Why EDF Trading?

EDF Trading is an exceptional place to work. It has a unique and sustainable business model, financial strength, excellent people, a flat organisational structure, and a culture that enables it to be creative, forward thinking and agile enough to respond quickly to market opportunities.

Individuals can really make a difference within this entrepreneurial culture. EDF Trading’s continued success depends on its people and it is constantly seeking to attract and retain the best in the market.

EDF Trading offers competitive conditions of employment, a challenging working environment and a clear and focused business strategy.

Once hired, individuals are encouraged to grow and develop. As careers progress, EDF Trading provides technical and management training to ensure skills are enhanced and experience is broadened. It promotes internally wherever possible to utilise its pipeline of strong talent.

EDF Trading likes to challenge traditional ideas and methods, test them in the face of rapid market evolution and anticipate and react speedily to market changes. It believes in hard work, but in a relaxed atmosphere and it operates in an environment where innovative thinking is encouraged.

At EDF Trading you will find people from a wide range of backgrounds. It has a cosmopolitan mix of more than 30 nationalities which creates a rich diversity of talent contributing to its creativity and innovation.

EDF Trading is an equal opportunity employer.


We have management following a clear business plan, a culture in which everyone shares a common vision, and a team spirit that encourages people to make things happen. EDFT is about being decisive, accountable and delivering exceptional customer service.

Béatrice Bigois Chief Executive