Summer Internship Programme

Applications have now closed for our 2018 summer internship programme.

Our interns learn from experts, present to senior people and have real exposure to the business from day one. On this 10-week programme you will be based in a department that you feel best suits your abilities and ambitions, and working alongside some of the most talented people in the field. It’s a paid internship like no other.

The Programme

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The Programme    

In 2018, we are inviting the most talented students to join us for our Summer Internship Programme in London. During your summer with us, you will be immersed in our business and given real exposure to our daily operations and activities. If you’re selected, you can look forward to a programme tailored to make the most of your talents, as well as a fixed salary.

Our programme allows you to apply for one of our departments that you feel best suits your interests and skill set, when you join us on your internship you will be working on real business projects and to help you settle in, you will have a full induction, and be allocated a buddy and provided with a full training plan. Over the course of the internship you will also have the opportunity to attend ‘lunch and learn’ sessions held by business managers on various commodities as well as business skills. 

At the end of your internship, you will deliver a presentation on your assigned project to a business panel. Impress here and you could receive an offer to return to EDF Trading on the completion of your studies. 

The programme will run for 10 weeks from June to August.

Our Departments   

Power Trading

The Power Trading department is responsible for all EDF Trading’s commercial activities in Europe. Our Short Term Power team covers the French, German and Eastern European markets. Together they manage cross-border interconnector capacities as well as the intraday and day-ahead optimisation activities for the EDF Group in the wholesale electricity market.  

You will need to be working towards an analytically-based discipline (BSc Engineering, Maths or Science).

Gas Trading

Our Gas Trading department is responsible for developing trading strategies and managing the execution of those positions covering the North West European Central and South Eastern European Markets. The team is responsible for utilizing strategy management techniques such as Stop Loss Limits, VAR and other analytical tools, assisting with processes to maintain effective coordination between trading and origination and provide commercial solutions for EDF group and co-controlled entities consistent with maximizing value for the EDF Group. The team also works with a 24 hour operations team to increase commercial knowledge and out of hours trading opportunities.  The role will involve learning about Storage and Transport optimization, option theory, FX trading and exposure to Oil and US Gas Trading.

You will need to be working towards an analytically based discipline; degree in engineering, maths, science or finance.

Derivatives Trading

By using quantitative analysis and bespoke software our Derivatives Trading team help EDF Group Companies and our customers to optimise the output of their assets and manage market exposure. The team also helps to enhance revenue streams by evaluating and hedging physical risks over the short, medium and long term. 

You will be working towards an analytically-based discipline (degree in a statistical/mathematical/quantitative subject). Ideally, you will also have good Excel/VBA skills. 


Origination is a commercial team that structures and closes bespoke energy transactions across energy commodities (such as power, gas, and environmental products), regions and tenors.  The role will involve supporting the origination team in developing new business opportunities for the company and following regulatory developments in the energy and environment space that could have a commercial impact on EDF Trading’s activities.

You will be working towards a commercial discipline (degree in economics, finance, business, and/or energy & environment discipline).   As the team liaises with all parts of the EDF Trading business, you will also require strong communication skills.  Good command of Excel, strong numeracy and analytical skills, and proficiency in more than one language are a plus.

Energy Market Analytics

Our Energy Market Analytics department is responsible for developing models, conceptual frameworks and tools to further the understanding of short- and medium-term fundamental dynamics of the power and gas markets, developing market views and communicating analysis results to traders. For example, the team maintains electricity supply/demand models and provide analysis of fuel prices and contracts, power prices and cross border flows. 

You will need to be working towards an analytically based discipline; degree in finance, science, engineering, maths or equivalent experience. You will also need strong working knowledge of excel a must; experience in VBA, SQL, Python, statistical software packages, linear programming is beneficial.  Knowledge of European gas or power markets is also beneficial. 

Quantitative Analysis

Our Structuring and Quantitative Analytics team sits between the trading and origination desks providing pricing and deal risk management services for new and existing deals as well as structuring services for bespoke products. 

You will be working towards a quantitative subject (degree in maths/physics/engineering). Ideally, you will also have good programming skills in C++ and Matlab. 

Information Technology - Development

A combination of bespoke and vendor IT systems sitting atop a custom built technology platform provide EDF Trading with a competitive advantage. IT has a critical role in providing the operational foundation upon which our numerous business processes and strategy depend. Fundamental to the effectiveness of our IT systems strategy is an intellectual approach which is tailored to closely reflect our business requirements. 

The IT department consists of seven main areas: New Business & Transformation, Investment Portfolio Management, Design Authority, Development, QA, Security and Operations.  And as an intern, you will work within the IT Development area with exposure to development and support of custom built cross commodity energy trading and risk management systems. 

You will need to be studying towards a BSc in Computer Science.  Knowledge of the following technologies would be advantageous, but not essential:

  • SQL Programming (Oracle PL/SQL, SQL Server T/SQL or similar)
  • Microsoft .Net (Preferably C#)
  • UML or similar design modelling techniques


Our Finance department is responsible for full financial control of the EDF Trading group business. This includes ownership of all financial control processes, financial accounting in accordance to accounting standards, as well as management and statutory reporting on EDF Trading group entities. The Transaction Finance and Overhead Accounting team is part of the Finance team responsible for maintaining up to date and accurate accounting records in our financial systems. 

An internship in Transaction Finance will provide exposure to finance in a head office environment. 

You will be working towards an analytically-based discipline (BSc Engineering, Maths, Science or Finance), with strong numerical skills and the ability to deal with multiple workloads and tight deadlines.  It would also be desirable to be familiar with accounting practices.

Credit Risk

Our Credit Risk management is a global discipline. The team has implemented a consistent Credit Risk management team framework with standardised systems, processes and controls throughout our global offices. Our credit risk management processes are designed to enable our business to react prudently yet quickly to credit events and are founded on a strong credit risk culture built across all business functions. 

You will be studying for a BSc/Masters in Maths, Economics, Business plus other Credit specific course.  Ideally, you will also be proficient in Excel and Word and knowledgeable about energy commodities. 

Market Risk

The Market Risk team provides an independent view of EDF Trading’s market risk exposure for all physical and financial energy trading activity. To do this, they design risk methodologies, implement our risk control framework and then provide quantitative and qualitative solutions which aid in the effective management of all energy commodity price risk.

You will be studying for a BSc/Masters in Risk Management, Maths, Engineering, Science or Economics.  Ideally, you will also be proficient in Excel, VBA, SQL and Matlab and knowledgeable about energy commodities.

Application Process  

Applications have now closed for our 2018 summer internship programme.

In order to apply for a Summer Internship with EDF Trading you will need to:

  • Be in your penultimate or final year of study
  • Be on track to achieve a minimum of a 2:1 degree or equivalent in the UK
  • Have the right to work in the UK
  • Ensure you are available during our recruitment process and for the dates of the internship itself
Application Deadline 19th January, 2018
First Stage Telephone Interviews September 2017 - January 2018
Second Stage Assessment Centres January 2018 - February 2018
Internship Commences 18th June, 2018
Internship Ends 24th August, 2018


Our Recruitment Process:

Step 1 – please apply for one of our internships online using the links provided. You will have to create an account, answer some questions and upload a CV and covering letter.

Step 2 – Your application will be screened and if successful at the first stage you will be invited to participate in a telephone interview with a member of the Human Resources team. This interview will largely involve a discussion around your interests in EDF Trading and the particular internship you have applied for. We will also discuss your CV with you including academic achievements, work experience and your transferable skills.

Step 3 – If you are successful in completing the telephone interview, you will be invited to attend one of our assessment days. The assessment day will involve an interview with the business, an analysis exercise and a presentation. This will also be a great opportunity for you to learn more about our business. You will have the chance to meet our previous interns and business managers over lunch, and you will also be given a tour of our offices.

We will acknowledge all applications received for our internship programme. Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications received we will only be able to contact those candidates that we invite forward for a telephone interview. If you do not hear back from us with an invitation to this stage in the process, unfortunately your application will not have been successful. We will provide feedback to all applicants who participate in a telephone interview or assessment day with us.

Step 4 – Following the assessment day, if you are successful, we will look to make you a formal offer on our 2018 Graduate Summer Internship Programme.

Good luck with your application, and don’t forget to read our application and interview hints and tips for the best chance of success in our process.

Tips for our Recruitment Process

We are on the lookout for bright people this summer.

We want to ensure that you get the best opportunity to impress us with your talents and experience. Here are some tips that could help you through our recruitment process.

Application Process

CV – we will ask you to upload your CV to our recruitment portal. Your CV should outline your academic achievements, work experience, key skills, achievements and your interests. Please ensure that this is clear, concise and accurate. Please remember to provide your contact details including a telephone number and email address so that we are able to reach you.

Questions – As part of the application process you will be asked a series of questions that you can answer online. This will help us make sure you have the right qualifications and skills for our internship placements. Other questions ensure we meet legal requirements such as the right to work.

Please answer questions accurately when submitting your application, you will need to answer all of the questions in order to submit your application.

Interview and Assessment Process

Telephone Interview – come prepared to walk us through your CV, particularly where your academics, skills and experiences are really relevant to our business and the internship you have applied for. Do your research and be prepared to talk about why you applied for your particular internship placement and what interests you about EDF Trading.

Assessment Day – come prepared to answer competency based-questions and think of examples of when you have demonstrated key skills. These questions are designed to elicit information about competencies that are linked to the key aspects of the internship you’re applying for. As part of the assessment day you will also be asked to undertake an analysis exercise but you won’t need to prepare. You will also be required to deliver a short presentation; you may like to think about presentation formats to ensure you are delivering the best output. This is also your chance to learn about EDF Trading so you may like to reflect on questions you would like to ask.

Campus Activity – come and meet us at campus university events. We will be updating our Graduate Internship website with further dates and locations so keep an eye on this.

Overall tips to succeed:

  • Relax and answer questions honestly
  • Come prepared
  • Avoid rushing answers, think carefully about the examples which will clearly demonstrate your abilities
  • Ask us questions – we really like to share our passions and interests in the business!
  • Come smartly dressed in business attire

** Applications have now closed for 2018 **

Work Experience  

EDF Trading offers a limited number of work experience placements each year.

If you would like to apply for a work experience placement at EDF Trading, please send a CV and covering letter to  Applications should state 'Work Experience' in the subject heading of the email and include the following information:

  • Full name, address, email and contact number
  • Reason for the application and details of the experience desired
  • Preferred department
  • Ideal duration and dates for work experience
  • Confirmation that you have the legal right to work in the UK

Please note that all students must be at least 16 years old.

Life @ EDFT

Intern Profiles   

Joseph Cameron - Tax  

EDFT stuck out as real opportunity. I had met a few members of the tax team as they came to visit the tax students at my university regarding some of our coursework. It was great to see an employer actively seeking out specialist placement students and that is really what generated my interest.

I have a range of responsibilities, the majority of which are very fulfilling, such as compiling a tax return for the company to a national tax authority and getting involved in the process of approval of a new counterparty. It gives me a real buzz knowing that what I am doing benefits the company.

I tend to start with the daily PI monitoring and updating the weekly email for the tax team which I’ve started. I then get on with tasks that had been set for me the previous day, learn something new from another member of the team, be it something on the compliance side or the advisory. Sometimes I will be invited to meetings involving various other members of the tax team and am given an insight into generally what is going on. I have also begun studying for a VAT compliance diploma which EDFT are kindly supporting me through.
I find contributing to the team very satisfying especially when I know the work will be taken further. The people I work with are really great; they always go out of their way to include me, and even when I have no idea what is going on they take the time to teach me about it so I am able to go off and research it. I am enthused by the realisation that the people I work with are experts and they involve and encourage me to learn.

Christine Turner – Power Trading  

Trading is much about experience and reacting to the volatile market therefore it is difficult to learn by reading a textbook! The EDFT scheme appealed to me because it is on a smaller scale than other companies and therefore more personal and the intern roles can be tailored to your particular interests.

I mainly update spreadsheets which the senior trader uses during the day to check current prices and therefore help make decisions about the best bids/offers. In addition, I check the budget for the entire power trading desk to ensure they are being charged the correct amount for the appropriate licences and fees.

The traders on the floor arrive around 6:30am so by the time I arrive the markets are open and the floor is buzzing. It is quite noisy, incredibly fast-paced and everyone is committed to getting a good day of trades done to ensure they gain or keep a strong position in the market. Sometimes I help with updating spreadsheets that the traders use to help them predict prices and other days I continue with my project which is also based around Excel.

I have particularly enjoyed contributing to the constantly changing environment and having first-hand experience of how global news, weather forecasts, power availability and demand are constantly analysed to try and predict the volatile markets. In addition, the ‘lunch and learn’ training sessions have been a highlight for me since they are very well presented, quite personal and therefore very informative. Some of the more social events such as the intern duck tour and the JP Morgan Run were also very enjoyable. I could definitely see myself working at EDFT full-time in the future.

Yasmine Benhabib – Credit Risk  

During the 10-week programme, I was strongly involved in three main projects – realizing an overview of the LNG Truck business, writing an LNG markets framework and the credit analysis of freight counterparties. It was amazing to present the credit risk analysis of an LNG Truck counterparty during the London Credit Committee. I was also very pleased to participate in a meeting with an Italian trading counterparty as well as an originator and a credit analyst from EDFT.

As part of my project, I had exposure to all departments involved in the LNG Truck business. I participated in several meetings with people from Credit Risk, GasOps, Indirect Tax and Contracts & Settlements Departments. Days in the office also included ‘lunch & learning’ sessions performed by managers from EDFT departments as well as training sessions realised by credit analysts.

I really enjoyed being involved in projects which gave me a broader view of global energy and commodities markets. I also enjoyed training sessions as a great opportunity to increase my knowledge, to gain exposure to other departments and to build my network. The buddy system was very helpful, as I met my mentor every week. I also had the opportunity to meet the CEO, John Rittenhouse and the COO, Justin Rowland, during a breakfast with all Graduate Summer interns.

I spent a fantastic time as part of the Credit Risk team and I will be very pleased to return full time at EDF Trading. I feel immediately welcome by the Credit Risk team and people from other EDFT departments. Working for EDF Trading is an amazing opportunity to start a dynamic and international career in the energy and commodities industry. It is also a great place to learn within a team of experts.

Florin Mocanu – IT Operations  

Having previously worked in a bank, I applied to EDF Trading to get a taste of the exciting energy trading industry and also to experience the work environment of smaller company with a flatter organisational structure.

The degree of responsibility given to me has been quite high with regards to the project I was assigned. I have been tasked with setting the foundation for a new IT system with an expected lifespan of 3-5 years.

A normal day includes completing a few daily requests, working on the project (gathering requirements, setting up a high level design document, researching implementation basics etc.), meeting people who could provide valuable input to the project development as well as attending learning sessions with people from my team or other teams.

In addition to this, lunches with the team or fellow interns are excellent at providing a more informal setting to get to know the people behind the colleagues.

The highlight of my internship has been the feeling of adding value by managing the early stages of an important project. This involved meetings with stakeholders to gather functional and non-functional requirements, meetings with specialists to receive guidance on project design and also research work on how to integrate the new system with the existing applications.

I would return to EDF Trading because of the great work environment. I have had the pleasure of working with very talented and approachable people from whom I have learned a lot in a short span of time. From an IT perspective, things change at a fast pace and there are always new projects to develop and new technologies to implement. The best part is that interns and graduates are encouraged to get involved and play a major role in these changes.

Business Leaders  

Marcello Romano, Head of Trading   

For our Gas and Flow Trading desks, our interns have been valuable in delivering a fresh enthusiasm into our business. On assigning them with the projects they offer new perspectives and viewpoints.

With mentorship and exposure to all areas of our business, our interns really can be future stars in our organisation. We look for ambitious, driven, curious and creative interns hungry to learn about our business. As well as the intern experience, they will take away much more giving them skills which will help them develop and assist them in their studies and future careers.

John Grey, Head of European Power Trading  

EDF Trading provides an excellent environment for students to be exposed to a trading business, and they provide immeasurable value to our organisation. The programme is designed to give students real experience of live projects so they can see the impact they are making during their time with us. We give them excellent training and development opportunities covering both commercial knowledge on the energy trading industry as well as personal growth for the students.

Eileen Treacy, Head of Tax   

For the Tax Department having interns has been a very positive experience.  In addition to the enthusiasm and energy they provide, our interns have also brought some specific skills to the team (e.g. language and IT skills) which have proved exceptionally useful.  Having additional resource has allowed us the time to investigate some issues in more depth than we would normally be able to do.  By allowing interns to participate fully in the day to day functions of the department it has been mutually beneficial for both parties; the tax team gains an extra pair of hands and the interns become involved and contribute to the output of the team in a practical manner.