EDF Trading, a wholly-owned subsidiary of EDF S.A., is pleased to announce that Magnus Zeisig at Devel Energy AB will be supporting its Origination team in order to develop EDF Trading’s marketing activities in the Nordic energy markets effective 1st May, 2015.

Zeisig is Founder of Devel Energy, an energy consulting company providing energy services in the Scandinavian market.  Prior to that, he was a Senior Portfolio Manager at Markedskraft ASA and head of its operations in Sweden and Finland.

“With the support of Magnus, we are now able to offer our Nordic clients tailored hedging solutions which will allow them to more effectively manage their energy costs or revenues whilst reducing their level of risk”, said Philipp Büssenschütt, Chief Commercial Officer, Origination and Business Development. “EDF Trading has been a significant participant in the Nordic power market for many years and I’m delighted that Magnus is supporting us in our efforts to develop our marketing activities across this important region”, he continued.

Zeisig will be working closely with Jean-Louis Chaut, Senior Origination Manager.

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