Find out who is part of EDF Trading's executive team.


Career opportunities

EDF Trading is constantly seeking high calibre people who will perform to the highest standards within its working environment.

There are a variety of challenging roles – from trading and origination through to IT, risk management and finance.

If you already have some experience that you feel would be beneficial to EDF Trading, please get in touch. Some of the roles we currently have available can be found in our vacancies section.


The core commercial activities of EDF Trading are origination and trading. The origination team specialises by commodity and by region. It develops customised, long-term transactions with market counterparties such as utilities, transportation companies and other large wholesale commodity consumers and producers. The origination team also acquires physical and contractual assets that enhance EDF Trading’s capabilities.


Origination works closely with the trading desks that have a global presence in the wholesale energy sector. The trading desks, which are also organised by commodity and region, provide pricing support, market liquidity, and a wide range of cross-commodity and cross-region relative value trading.


The commercial operations are supported by a platform founded on operational excellence, outstanding IT services and precise legal, financial and risk management. These enable EDF Trading to apply tight controls on its commercial activities and process a large number of transactions with a wide variety of counterparts. These include Contracts and Settlements, IT, Risk Management, Legal, HR, and Finance.